Muscle pain is an integral part of the muscle construction process of the body.

March 24, 2021

Muscle pain is an integral part of the muscle construction process of the body.


Pain is part of the adjustment process that increases resilience and strength as muscles rebuild, symptoms of late pain occur about one to three days after exercise and must disappear.

The cause of this pain is muscle lacerations within the muscle fibers for the following reasons:
- High intensity training.
- At the beginning of sports for beginners
- Changing routine practice such as increasing the duration or intensity of the usual exercise. Which requires more muscle effort, causing damage to muscle fibers.
- Neglect of the warm-up and prolonged element.
Solutions to muscle pain:
Stop exercise of the injured muscle for 48 24 hours for muscle rest
Drinking water and fluids is important because they are considered millimeters of muscle and gain the necessary flexibility
Bathing as cold as possible for five minutes reduces muscle pain by too much.
Massage improves, helps muscles to relax and reduces muscle stress. The role of the massage is to reduce the secretion of cytokines, which play an important role in the infections, as well as to increase the amount of mitochondria in the muscles, thereby increasing the ability of the muscles to absorb oxygen.
Use as snow material
Put a cold sleeve on the muscle immediately after athletic activity in order to reduce infections and to relax the muscle, just wrap pieces of ice using a cloth and apply it directly to the muscle several times a day.
So athletes should always be careful to deal with this pain, so that they can avoid the dangers of it in the future.

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