The Importance of Sport for Women

January 19, 2021

The Importance of Sport for Women

Studies gather on the need for women to adhere to a daily programme; In general, health is positively reflected. The body needs to move to constantly activate the circulatory system to maintain physical fitness and reduce chronic disease. Scientific evidence of the importance of sports for women is also numerous. Sports prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and obesity. Sport reduces bad cholesterol, reduces fat. Sport strengthens bone and reduces its vulnerability; It helps prevent calcium loss within the body. Thus, it prevents osteoporosis. Sport helps strengthen the immune system. The sport stimulates the performance of the digestive system, which reflects positively on the health of the body, and reduces the problems of the digestive system. Sports reduce menstrual symptoms; Regular exercise contributes to reducing menstrual pain. Sports strengthen the lung and heart muscles, to do their jobs properly. Sports eliminate back and pelvic pain in pregnant women. The risk of pregnancy complications reduces pregnancy poisoning and pregnancy-induced hypertension. It also stops the sport from a smooth urine state.

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